Every Zest 4 Leisure product is unique because each piece of timber has its own distinctive, natural features

Zest 4 Leisure sources all of its timber from responsibly-managed forests and everything it designs and produces meets the highest standards of sustainability. Zest 4 Leisure ensures that all timber and timber-related products are certified to Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC®).

This is vital not only for the health of the planet, but also shows Zest 4 Leisure’s commitment to the environment and to responsible sourcing. Timber is a natural material and, as such, will fit beautifully within any outdoor space. This also means that all Zest 4 Leisure pieces are unique because every piece of timber has its own distinctive features.

Download Timber Care Information Sheet

Changes in temperature and humidity will cause expansion and contraction so Zest products need time to adjust to where the owners live. A few splits or cracks are part of the maturing process and will not affect strength or durability. Knots embedded in the wood are natural and tell the story of the tree which made them. Customers may notice variations in colour but, once out in the garden and exposed to the sun, colour and shading will even out.

Most Zest 4 Leisure products are pressure treated which protects the timber from rot and means customers will be able to enjoy the products in their garden for many years.

Fresh pressure treatment sometimes leads to a small amount of green spotting on the surface of new timber as the natural salt leaves the wood. This will fade away over time and is in no way detrimental to quality or durability.

Splits and cracks occur naturally in the timber grain due to changing temperatures and humidity levels. They are not usually a cause for concern as they don’t affect the strength or durability of the product. If however, a 2p coin can fit into the split or crack there may be an issue so it should be reported to the retailer in writing with photographic evidence.

Timber Care Product Sheet

The benefits of slow grown timber

“Slow grown timber from Eastern Europe is ideal for timber garden furniture. It produces a stronger grain in the wood giving it more durability and is said to be as strong as some hard woods.”

Splits and cracks

Splits & cracks are to be expected in timber and they naturally appear in the grain due to changing temperatures and humidity levels. They are not a cause for concern as they will not affect the strength or durability of the product.

If a particular split or crack becomes visible and is of concern simply use the “2p Coin Test” as a guide. There is no need for concern if the coin will not fit. If the coin does fit in the split, potentially there may be an issue. In this case, in order for customer services to investigate the matter fully, it should be reported in writing to your retailer, along with a clear photograph showing the 2p coin in place.

Sun bleaching (from packaging) and green spotting

Sun Bleaching (from packaging) & Green Spotting (Caused by pressure treatment) are not causes for concern and they will fade over time when items are placed outdoors. Neither will affect the durability of the product.


Knots are a natural characteristic of timber however a dead knot may be an issue which can be reported in writing to your retailer and must include photographic evidence to support the query.


Ideally, we advise you to wait 6 months before applying any further treatments or painting the wood. During this time, the pressure treated wood will dry from within its core. If you wish to treat or paint your product, at a later stage, any paint or treatment specifically for timber is preferred.

Treating your wood

Important: Pressure Treated products should not have any further treatment applied for the first 6 months.

Timber Care Product Sheet

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Frequently Asked Question

What do I do if my item arrives damaged?

Either refuse the delivery or sign the paperwork as item damaged and contact your retailer. If you did not notice at the time you took delivery that there was damage please contact your retailer.

How do I return my product if I change my mind, or have received the wrong product?

Please contact your retailer

I have parts and/or fixings missing, what should I do?

Please contact your retailer

I am missing instructions?

Assembly instructions can be downloaded from www.zest4leisure.co.uk, or contact your retailer

What type of timber is used for our products?

Zest products are manufactured from FSC® certified mixed Softwood.

What does pressure treatment mean?

This is the timber treatment used to prolong the life of the product

How long do I need to wait before I can treat my product & what should I use?

Pressure Treated timber needs time to thoroughly dry from the core, so you should wait for 6 months before
applying any treatments. If you decide you want to paint or treat the product then any paint or treatment specifically designed for timber is suitable.

Are there any guarantees on my product and how do I claim against it?

Please refer to your retailers site for any guarantee details. You will need to provide proof of purchase to claim against the guarantee.

Do I need to drill holes myself or should they be pre-drilled?

Please refer to the assembly instructions, most Zest products will need to be drilled by you before assembly.

Where can I get technical help with my product?

Please contact your retailer

I would prefer someone to fit & install the product

You should find a reputable local builder or Handyman to build your product

Do you supply covers and cushions for your products?

Zest do not sell covers or cushions, however you should find suitable products in a Garden Centre