Versatile log and garden storage

Designed to keep logs under cover ready for the colder months, our easy to build log stores ensure that logs can season and dry quickly outside. They are also a stylish way to keep your garden neat and tidy all year round. Available in a variety of sizes, all wooden storage is pressure treated for long-lasting use so can withstand all types of weather. During the colder weather, you will constantly need a ready supply of logs to use on your log burners and fires. The open frames of our chests and stores help to season and dry your logs by circulating air for maximum heat output. They’re slightly elevated off the ground to prevent water absorption into the wood too.


Log Chest

Store up to half a ton of logs with the pressure treated log chest, ready for your log fires or burners. The elevated base and [...]


Log Store

Safely store your logs and firewood outside with the pressure treated timber Log Store. The pressure treatment protects your store from the weather, as well as [...]