Are you keen to start growing your own produce?

Grow your own fruit and vegetables the easy way. Our selection of wooden planters, stands and cold frames are perfect for beginners and experts alike. They can support and motivate you to grow a variety of produce, whilst still offering a great look and feel to your garden.

The Zest 4 Leisure range includes vegetable beds, deep root planters, tiered herb stands and cold frames. We’ve also introduced the Square Potato Planter to help you grow potatoes or other deep root vegetables.


Vertical Herb Stand

The Vertical Herb Stand is a modest piece standing at just under 3 foot tall. It offers a new approach to the much-loved kitchen garden. Easily […]


Veg Bed 2m

The Veg Bed 2m is the larger version within the range. It is ideal for growing your own fruit and vegetables, such as carrots and […]


Veg Bed 1m

This manger style design is ideal for gardens with small spaces or for those wanting to start growing their own produce. The 1m Veg Bed can […]


Stepped Herb Planter

Make the most of any garden space with the versatile 3-tiered Stepped Herb Planter. An ideal home for all herb varieties, the stepped ladder has three spacious […]


Square Potato Planter

Growing your own potatoes with the Square Potato Planter has never been so easy. Eliminate the need for digging with a unique and handy side […]


Sleeper Raised Beds

The Sleeper Raised Bed is a popular choice for gardeners as it requires little maintenance. However, it can easily transform your garden with a beautiful […]


Sleeper Cold Frame

Protect your plants and crops against frost over the winter months with the Sleeper Cold Frame. The perfect environment for the growth of seedlings that you can […]


Raised Bed

Our Raised Bed planter is a must-have for your garden. Planters are a great way to tidy up your borders or to keep certain plants separate from other ones. […]


Large Cold Frame

Extend the growing season and protect your plants or seedlings against frost during the colder weather. The two adjustable lids provide easy access to tend […]


Ladder Planter

The ideal product for gardens where space is limited, and perfect for patios and balconies, t


Economy Potting Table

The Economy Potting Table is the must-have accessory for all gardeners. An edged worktop area and underneath storage shelf provide ample space for potting, as well as extra garden storage. […]


Diamond Raised Bed

In a garden both height and colour are important and with the Diamond Raised Bed both are possible. The offset timber squares create the illusion of […]


Deep Root Planter 1m

The Deep Root Planter 1m is ideal for growing deep-rooted vegetables such as carrots and potatoes. Elevated off the ground, the planter limits the need for bending whilst harvesting, as […]


Deep Root Planter 1.8m

The Deep Root Planter 1.8m makes growing deep-rooted vegetables, such as carrots and potatoes, incredibly easy. With a bed depth of 380mm*, the planter can […]