Cold frames made from sustainable timber

Cold frames are one of the most useful products in the garden. During spring and early summer they are perfect for hardening off young tender plants, such as vegetables and half-hardy annuals. Some gardeners make the mistake of planting out before the last frost of the year and this is where cold frames really come in useful as they will protect tender plants from late bouts of cold weather and allow them to adjust to the climate gradually. Later in the year, cold frames come are very useful in protecting cuttings and young plants from the increasingly colder weather as autumn approaches.


Sleeper Cold Frame

Protect your plants and crops against frost over the winter months with the Sleeper Cold Frame. The perfect environment for the growth of seedlings that you can […]


Large Cold Frame

Extend the growing season and protect your plants or seedlings against frost during the colder weather. The two adjustable lids provide easy access to tend […]