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If you have any queries regarding our products, services or aftercare, you’ll find the answers to the majority of your questions in our FAQ guide below.

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My product has cracks and splits, what should I do?2017-11-02T13:23:21+01:00

Changes in temperature and humidity can cause timber to expand and contract, and splits and cracks may naturally appear. These features will not affect the strength or durability of the product.

However, if a split or crack concerns you, if a 2p piece fits easily into it, then we would ask you to email a photo to your retailer. They will investigate and arrange an exchange, if necessary.

Product Care Note
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Where can I get technical help with my product?2017-11-02T16:33:39+01:00

Firstly, we advise you to contact the retailer you purchased the product from. They will be able to assist with any technical queries you may have.

Additionally, our resource centre has a full list of detailed assembly instructions for each product. However, if you are still unsure, you can contact us for support.

Do I need to drill holes myself or should they be pre-drilled?2017-11-02T17:53:52+01:00

We always recommend you refer to the assembly instructions supplied with your product for reference.

However, most of our products require pre-drilling before assembly.

Are there any guarantees on my product and how do I claim against it?2017-11-17T11:54:35+01:00

Please refer to your retailer’s site for any guarantee details. You will need to provide proof of purchase to claim the guarantee.

How long do I need to wait before I can treat my product?2017-09-26T13:51:21+01:00

Ideally, we recommend waiting 6 months before applying any treatments. Pressure treated timber needs time to thoroughly dry from within its core.

If you wish to treat or paint your product then any paint or treatment specifically designed for timber is preferred.

What does pressure treated mean?2017-09-26T13:52:11+01:00

This is the timber treatment used to prolong the life of the product.

What type of timber is used for our products?2017-09-26T13:52:43+01:00

Zest Direct products are manufactured from FSC certified mixed Softwood.

I am missing assembly instructions, what should I do?2017-11-17T11:56:27+01:00

Assembly instructions can be downloaded from www.zest4leisuredirect.co.uk/resources, or contact your retailer.

I have parts and/or fixings missing, what should I do?2017-11-30T16:11:36+01:00

We recommend you contact the retailer you purchased the product from. They will be able to further assist you with your query.

How do I return my product if I change my mind, or have received the wrong product?2017-11-30T16:17:44+01:00

We recommend you contact the retailer you bought the product from. They will be able to further assist you with their refund and exchange policies.

What do I do if my item arrives damaged?2017-11-30T16:54:52+01:00

If you notice any damage to your delivery, refuse to accept and sign the paperwork for the reason(s) why. You must then contact the retailer.

If you notice the damage after delivery, please contact your retailer with the details. They will then be able to assist you further.

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