Save the Bees in your Garden

Now is a crucial time to help protect and save the bees in your garden. Did you know? A third of the UK’s bee population has disappeared in the last decade! Over 35 British bee species are under threat and 13 species are already extinct. But why are bees so important? Pollinating insects like bees have an essential role to play in our ecosystems. A third of all our food depends on their pollination and a world without them would be devastating to our food production and supply. Yes, methods [...]

Make Your Garden a Haven for Nature

British gardens cover around 667,000 acres, providing food, shelter and breeding sites for a range of garden wildlife. Insects and amphibians, birds, mammals and more can all be discovered in our gardens. Make your garden a haven for these creatures and critters by providing them with a suitable environment. Did you know? Fewer than 1% of Britain’s insects are garden pests! Many can be beneficial as pollinating insects, or as predators of pest species and the majority have no detrimental effects to gardens. Aquatic Planters and Ponds Ponds or [...]

Helping Winter Wildlife in Your Garden

You've prepared your garden for the colder weather, but have you considered the winter wildlife that visits too? The winter months can often be tough for wildlife, especially when the days are shorter and there is a lack of food around. But there are many things that we can do to give them a helping hand. Read how you can make a difference below! Feed the birds If you don't have one already, a bird feeder is a great accessory to help with feeding the birds in winter. [...]

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