An Advent Calendar With A Difference . . .

Our festive calendar has 25 garden top tips that will help you make the most of your winter wonderland!

Dec 1st – Winter Growing

Winter Garden Tips

Did you know you can still grow all of these vegetables over the winter months!

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Dec 2nd – Poinsettia Care

Winter Garden Tips
  • Make sure the plant you buy hasn’t yellowed & the central flowers are still intact
  • Place in a bright spot, without direct sunlight
  • Ensure there are no warm or cold drafts
  • Keep soil slightly moist, not too dry or too wet
  • Remove any foil or wrapping, exposing your plant to the light and air

Dec 3rd – Choosing Your Tree

Winter Garden Tips
  • Check your tree has no insects and pests
  • Your tree should be sturdy enough for ornaments
  • Ensure the needles are flexible and aren’t shedding
  • Make sure it hasn’t started to fade to brown
  • It should still have a lovely fresh smell

Dec 4th – Autumn Garden Guide

Winter Garden Tips

Find out the best way to care for your Garden this season in our Autumn Garden Guide.

Dec 5th – Take Care of Your Christmas Tree

Winter Garden Tips
  • Position your tree away from radiators, fires & sunlight
  • Trim the bottom of the trunk to open up the pores
  • Water often, adding sugar to make a sap-like solution which is easier for the tree to drink
  • Turn the lights off in the day to reduce drying
  • Avoid containers filled with sand as they can cause the pores to block, preventing your tree from drinking

Dec 6th – Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Winter Garden Tips

Our range of Log Stores are designed to quickly allow logs to season and dry for maximum heat output. They also look great in any garden and can house large quantities of firewood.

Dec 7th – Winter Planting

Winter Garden Tips

Our 5 favourite festive plants that thrive over the Winter months;

  • Holly
  • Poinsettia
  • Winter Heather
  • Clematis Cirrhosa
  • Helleborus niger (Christmas Rose)

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Dec 8th – Grow Your Own Mistletoe

Winter Garden Tips

Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that absorbs nutrients from it’s host tree, without killing it. To grow your own…

  • Harvest wild mistletoe seeds in March or April
  • Make a small slice in a branch (commonly apple or lime trees) and place the seed from the berry under the flap
  • Seal the section of branch with sacking to protect it
  • Watch the branch swell as the seeds germinate (it can take a few years, but with a little luck, you’ll be kissing under the mistletoe by next Christmas)

Dec 9th – Turn Your Christmas Waste In To Compost!

Winter Garden Tips

There are many benefits to composting over Winter:

  • Reduce the waste you send to landfill
  • Enrich your soil with nutrients
  • Your compost pile is less likely to overheat in Winter
  • The soil will retain more water

To discover more about composting check out our Compost Bin and handy Guide to Composting

Dec 10th – Gifts for The Garden Enthusiast

Winter Garden Tips

The Dorset Arbour can comfortably sit Santa and Mrs Clause!
It’s perfect for enjoying snowy evenings with Elves and Reindeer and the under seat storage box is ideal for storing presents, turkeys and decorations – A great gift for any garden enthusiast this Christmas.

Dec 11th – Grow Your Own Christmas Sprouts

Winter Garden Tips
  • In February, using a seed tray, plant 1 seed per module, 1cm deep in compost
  • When your plants reach 10cm tall harden them off outside or in a cold frame
  • Once acclimatised, transplant them to the ground or into a container, about 70cm apart
  • Water them regularly & support them with a steak when necessary as they can grow quite tall
  • Finally, Pick your sprouts in November when they’re ripe and have grown to the right size

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Dec 12th – Help the Winter Wildlife

Winter Garden Tips

Help the wildlife in your own winter wonderland this Christmas with our Top Tips!

Dec 13th – Make Your Garden Glow

Winter Garden Tips

Make your garden glow this Christmas!
Wrapping some fairy lights around your Garden Arches, Your Arbour Trellis Panels or Your Climbing Supports can transform any garden into a festive wonderland.
All you’ll need is your extension chord and decorations intended for outdoor use

Dec 14th – The Herb Garden

Winter Garden Tips

Keep your herb garden growing strong for your Christmas dinner
Rosemary, Parsley, Thyme, Mint, Winter Savory, Sage, & Basil can all survive the colder months.

They also make a great addition to any Christmas dinner!
Check out our stacked herb planters

Dec 15th – Extend The Growing Season

Winter Garden Tips

A Cold Frame can help you protect your crops against frost over the winter months, extending the growing season and providing the perfect environment for the growth of seedlings.

Dec 16th – Grow Your Own Cranberries

Winter Garden Tips
  • Cranberry plants prefer acidic soil and so are best planted in a Raised Planter, filled with ericaceous soil.
  • Plant Your Cranberry plants from November to April, 6 inches deep.
  • Place in a sunny location and water frequently
  • Harvest before the first frost
  • You can store the berries for up to two months in a container in the fridge

Dec 17th – Stay Off The Frosty Grass

Winter Garden Tips

Normally, when you walk over your lawn the grass bends and bounces back without damage. However, when frosty, grass loses its elasticity causing blades to break instead of bend. This leaves brown spots that can remain on your lawn until spring.

Dec 18th – Tidy Away Your Garden Furniture

Winter Garden Tips

Tidying away your timber garden furniture or using a protective cover could help your furniture last much longer.
Check out our full care guide for timber garden furniture.

Dec 19th – Fighting For The Last Roast Potato?

Winter Garden Tips

Do you know someone who always fights for that last roast potato at Christmas?
Check out our Square Potato Planter and handy Guide to growing your own potatoes.

Dec 20th – Winter Wildlife!

Winter Garden Tips

Look after the birds in your garden this Christmas.
Though vulnerable, wild birds can survive the cold if they have enough food – Install some bird feeders and make sure they have access to fresh water in your garden.
See our full guide on garden wildlife Here

Dec 21st – Keep Your Firewood Well Stocked

Winter Garden Tips

Wrap up warm & keep your firewood well stocked this Winter!
Did you know that storing firewood in the house can bring insects into your home? Keep your firewood outside in one of our log chests or log stores until you need it.

Dec 22nd – Gift Idea For Any Garden Enthusiast

Winter Garden Tips

Our Deep Root Planters make a great Christmas gift.

  • You can grow a variety of fruit and veg in them
  • Reduce bending for garden lovers who struggle with back pain
  • They are raised up, protecting crops from pests
  • Suitable for any garden size at they don’t take up too much space

Dec 23rd – Make Your Christmas Wreath Last Longer

Winter Garden Tips

Make your wreaths last longer this Christmas by keeping them outside when possible and misting them with water as often as you can.

Dec 24th – Make Your Christmas Tree Last Longer

Winter Garden Tips

Make your Christmas tree last longer with lots of water – Allowing it to go dry can cause an air lock in the trunk, preventing it from absorbing water again.

Dec 25th – Wishing You A Merry Christmas!

Winter Garden Tips

Merry Christmas from Zest 4 Leisure!