Making a difference in the community and environment

Zest 4 Leisure, part of P&A Group of Companies, won the Business In The Community Finance Wales Responsible Small Business of the Year Award 2015. Zest 4 Leisure, as part of the group, has been recognised at the Wales Responsible Business Awards for its outstanding commitment to responsible business practice, making P&A double BITC award winners following last year’s BITC win in the ‘Wales Enterprise Growth’ category.

Part of one of the UK’s longest-running and most respected awards schemes, the award recognises smaller businesses achieving commercial success, whilst still making a positive difference in the community and the environment.

The award identifies companies that demonstrate a holistic, responsible approach to business within four realms: community, environment, marketplace and workplace.

Zest 4 Leisure has contributed massively to charity, raising thousands of pounds for various charitable causes every year. We also strive to be employer of choice, putting a huge amount of focus into employee training and development.

From cultural diversity to offering graduates work placements and making apprenticeships available to safeguard future growth, we have assembled a diverse and equal opportunities workforce.

Responsible Business